Where’d They Go?


So here we are again, back tracking on another hunt that happened even before this blog was born. But, nonetheless, to keep everything up to snuff, the story has to be told. I only wish it could have been as successful as the first week, but maybe it doesn’t turn out so bad after all.

You know, in all my excitement of rattling off all the seasons coming in the month of September I forgot to mention two very important ones, Shrimp and Alligator season. And what’s even more lucky?  The fact that my dad had licenses for both. So while I was in the dove field Saturday, he was out catching shrimp and looking for a possible gator to pursuit. Dad’s quest for an alligator turned out to be a bust but he didn’t do too bad with the shrimp, which worked out well for me. Let’s just say, if we would have been relying on my doves for a good meal, we would have starved.  So shrimp is what we had and the dove story is a short one.

The journal entry:

  • Morning hunt
  • Shooting time 6:29am
  • Hot, high of 91 low of 70
  • Shot 1 dove in 3.5 hours of hunting

Today, I shot as horribly as the birds flew. Very disappointing hunt altogether, especially considering its only the 2nd hunt of the season. Hopefully the little cool front coming this week will push some new birds down. There’s nothing like a troubling dove hunt to break down a mans shooting confidence.



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