Opening Day – 9/3/16

Yes, I am making a post on September 1th about something that happened on 9/3. You’re so very clever to have caught that. So let me go ahead and clear this little part up.  Most of these stories will be coming directly out of the personal journal I will be keeping with me this year. I guess we really have that small journal to thank, or maybe blame, for this whole blog thing in the first place.  It is the journal idea that led me to the blog, and since a few days of hunting have already passed, I will have to back track. Which means, lucky you that you get to read more than one post this week. Now let’s move on to the meat of this scribble.

September is HERE! I can not think of a more exciting time to be a hunter in the south. It is literally the kick off, the opening pitch, the green flag waving to another year of hunting and the great outdoors. Don’t like sports metaphors?  Consider it the appetizer then of what is to come. Doves, geese, early teal and deer seasons all open in the month of September. How can one man possibly be bored at any given point of this month with all that is going on?   The simple answer, he can’t, and if he can he is simply a lazy man or not a true hunter.  I start my season in a warm and soggy dove field on September 3rd, just shortly after watching hurricane/tropical storm Hermine pass through.

Here’s what the journal has to say about it all:


  • Dove Hunting
  • Shot Beretta Silver pigeon, 1st hunt with the new gun
  • Shot limit- 12 doves
  • 40 total shots fired

So, Hurricane Hermine passed through mid-late Friday, 9/2, just before the season kicked off, of course. But Saturday was gorgeous, very fresh smell first thing in the morning with a cool mid 60’s temp, hard to complain about that. The day’s high would be upper 80’s with a few clouds, I’ve got the sunburn to prove it.

We got the short straw as far as placement in the field goes. Some back corner that seemed to be far and away from everyone else. But it wasn’t too bad, fewer opportunities led to some more aggressive shot taking. I had a beautiful double with the beretta but sadly lost the 2nd bird to the soybean field at our backs. I had a few very high shots that were successful. I seemed to be best at the straight on shots when they were up and away. Crossing distance shots were my nemesis, as par for the course.

Weather was cool for the rest of the Labor Day weekend, lows in the 60’s and highs in the 80’s, which for this year is a much needed cool down. I’m pretty sure July started in June this year.

Hopefully the house will be all unpacked this coming weekend and I’ll be able to hunt doves and slip off to a deer stand afterwards. Sure could use a little alone, quiet time. It sure is a shame that a man has to work during the fall, there’s too much to do.



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