Hi, My name is Wes Thompson.

This blog will be my own personal journal through hunting seasons, stories of success or my lack of, and more than that they will be an outlet to voice the silent thoughts that pass through my mind while I am outdoors.

Background on me might be a little more simple than what you were hoping, but so there is no deception between you and I, I will divulge about myself.  Southern guy, born and raised in the areas between South Carolina’s beaches and mountains. I grew up hunting from an early age thanks to a grandfather on my mothers side.  He is the person I hold solely responsible for my addiction to the hunting and if you read long enough you will probably see me both thank and curse somewhere throughout the posts.   I am a happily married man, more-so a newlywed as I type, but I guess that will change with time.  We are the proud parents of two crazy dogs, Mollie the german shorthaired pointer, and Abbie the black Lab. I am sure you will also see a few praises and swears in their honor as well.

As for the rest of me, I invite you to read the blog and form your own opinions.  Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to share them.